Academic Calendar 2018-2019

===== 2018 =====

Sept. 5 (W) First Day of School

Oct. 11 (Th) No School - Professional Development

Oct. 12 (F) No School - Statewide Inservice

Nov. 12 (M) No School - Veterans Day

Nov. 22 - 23 (Th, F) No School - Thanksgiving

Dec. 24 - Jan. 4 (M-F) No School - Winter Break

===== 2019 =====

Jan. 7 (M) No School - Professional Development

Jan. 8 (T) Classes resume

Jan. 21 (M) No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Feb. 1 (F) No School - Conferences by Appointment

Feb. 18 (M) No School - Presidents Day

Feb. 22 (F) No School - French Night Out Preparation Day

Feb. 24 (Su) French Night Out Fundraiser!

Mar. 25 - 29 (M-F) No School - Spring Break

Apr. 1 (M) Classes resume

May 3 (F) No School - Professional Development

May 27 (M) No School - Memorial Day

June 18 (T) Last Day of School

*If hazardous weather prompts any closures in winter, days may be made up in June, possibly altering the last day of school. Any changes will be announced as soon as possible. Any changes made to the 4j calendar due to labor negotiations (such as added furlough days) will be reviewed by the Director and Board as needed. Changes to the LFS calendar (if any) will be announced as soon as possible.