Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for 2021-2022 Academic Year

Bonjour Chers Parents,

At the Little French School we have been working hard to plan for the upcoming school year. We would like our families to know that our top priority is the safety and well-being of our students, staff and their families.

After careful consideration of all the current sanitation and safety guidelines, parents’ and staff’s concerns, and after many hours of discussion and planning, we feel confident that we will be able to provide a safe environment to welcome students in the fall.

We have summarized the most important information we currently have available for families to help you make an informed decision regarding the enrollment of your child at LFS. Please note that the final safety and sanitation guidelines by the Office of Childcare have not yet been published. As a result, it is possible that some information below will change. Please note that due to the pandemic, LFS internal guidelines and safety procedures may be subjected to additional changes throughout the school year.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we navigate through these challenging times.

LFS Director

First and Last Day of School

Thursday, September 9, 2021: First day of school

Friday, June 17, 2021: Last day of school (early release) & graduation ceremony

Classrooms - Information and Requirements

We offer 3 classrooms:

  • Older Toddler: Preschool curriculum

Teacher TBA

  • Preschool: Preschool curriculum and French immersion

Teacher Christiane + Assistant Teacher Savannah

  • Pre-K : Pre-K curriculum and French immersion

Teacher Barbara + Assistant Teacher Ariel

*Pre-K+ is designed for students ready for a more advanced math and literacy curriculum, having already completed a Pre-K curriculum. While they will not be following the full core standards for Kindergarten, they may achieve key Kindergarten standards in literacy and math.

What to Bring / What Not to Bring to School:

Children will need to bring...

  • a lunchbox (daily),

  • a water bottle (daily),

  • a shoe sized box with extra clothing (first day of school / to be refilled accordingly),

  • a small nap bag (weekly)

Nap bags should contain:

    • small blanket,

    • crib sized sheet,

    • one very small stuffed animal, and

    • one very small pillow that fits completely in the nap bag.

The nap bag will stay at school all week. Children will take home and wash their nap bag on Thursday or Friday depending on their last day of attendance during the week. Parents need to bring the nap bag back to school on Mondays.

Please label all your child’s belongings. Merci.

Children are not allowed to bring:

  • big / regular-sized pillows,

  • backpacks,

  • toys,

  • boots, and

  • books.

Parents Choices for 2021-2022 Academic Year

This year, LFS will offer two options:

  1. In-person, on site learning 5 days and 4 days/week (no hybrid)

  2. Online French instruction (offered only if enough interest)

A. One-on-one (private tutoring)
B. Small group lessons by age and level

Social Distancing at School

We will welcome three separate cohorts that consist of 8 to 12 children each. Cohorts will be independent, safe pods within our school. Cohorts will do activities only within their own classroom, will eat together and go to recess at separate times. Children and staff will be required to wear masks and occasionally face shields. Children will learn to play together at a distance :)

Please watch the video posted on our website under the enrollment tab to learn more about our safety practices in the classroom. Please note some of our safety practices may change when we receive the final guidelines from the Office of Childcare.

In Person Instruction

In person instruction at a young age is very important to get the students used to their daily routine and to building relationships with their teachers and peers.

LFS Operating Hours for 2020-2021 Academic Year:

  • 8:30am - 2:30pm

Because of the extra cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting that the staff need to do this school year, the Little French School will close at exactly 2:30pm to allow enough time to perform the daily sanitation protocols. We ask that parents pick up students not later than 2:30pm.


Each child will have their own set of materials, mat, book bin, and manipulatives to prevent spread in the classroom.

Seating / Meals / Napping / Airing

Children will have assigned seating. Shared tables will be equipped with clear dividers. For students 4 and under, children will be able sit at their assigned table and remove their mask for brief periods of time. We will then encourage them to wear a face shield. Students who are five years old may temporarily replace their mask with a face shield to take a break from wearing a mask.

At snack and lunch time, children will again be seated at their assigned table (and seat) with clear dividers.

Children will nap without wearing a mask, so they will be spaced out with a head to toe positioning throughout the classroom.

We will be regularly airing out (doors open if weather permits) our classrooms throughout the day and each class will be equipped with a portable air purifier device.


Due to the new Covid-19 restrictions as well as the safety and cleaning protocols that will include extra handwashing and keeping the 3 cohorts separated at all times (strict schedule), we are fully aware that we will have to compromise on some of the curriculum enrichment / extra classroom activities such as group games, sensory projects, baking, cooking, school events, birthday parties (no outside food) and field trips. Please rest assured, however, that we will do our best to preserve our core curriculum during this academic year.

We are committed to embark on this one-of-a-kind journey and to adapt as days go by to provide the best and safest learning environment for our students and staff at school.

We will work closely together with families to adjust our routines and curriculum at any time if needed.

Zoom Instruction

Many parents have asked us how we would decide when it is no longer safe to keep the school open and if we would transition to online learning.

When to Expect Zoom

We will follow the metrics of Lane county based on the Oregon state K-3 guidelines. If we are not within the metrics, we will assess the situation and inform parents of our decision. We expect that parents will have at least one week's notice.

Since the Little French School is operating under an Emergency Child Care License, we will open for the first month of school regardless of the metrics to build a relationship between students and teachers and help students get used to the routine.

Zoom Schedule and Format

Rest assured that if we are temporarily transitioning to distance learning, we will continue to provide quality academics and fun French interactions with the students through Zoom. Our teachers will do their best to facilitate the transition and ease the students into this new medium of learning.

Preschool and Pre-K students will receive a packet with fun manipulatives that will be used daily M - TH during the 30 to 45 minute Zoom sessions depending on the child’s age.

Teachers will do a variety of guided manipulatives, songs, story time, fine and gross motor activities, literacy and math activities. There will be no session on Fridays so that teachers can effectively prepare for the week ahead.

The daily Zoom sessions will be shared by all the students of the same cohort so that students will be able to see their friends M - TH.

In addition to the shared Zoom sessions, teachers will plan to offer a 15 minute one-on-one session with each student once a week. The teacher will also be able to answer questions you may have during that session. Note: You can of course communicate with your child’s teacher by email at your convenience anytime :).

Kindergarten and Pre-K+ students will necessarily follow a different distance learning program. For academics, Kindergarteners will continue following the Eugene Online Academy curriculum in their home environment whereas Pre-K+ students will receive academic activity boxes/bins. A daily Zoom meeting will engage students in French through games, songs, and movement and give them the opportunity to do a “real” Show and Tell (in English, supported in French). In addition, each family will receive 1-2 hours per week of individual “tutoring”. Tutoring hours can take different forms according to parents/students needs and comfort levels: on-site at LFS (outdoors only, socially distanced, one-on-one teacher:student pre scheduled meetings) or online with students or parents to support and answer questions about the activity boxes/bins or Eugene Online Academy.

Health and Safety Protocols

All health and safety protocols will be in compliance with the guidelines of the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority. This includes, but is not limited to, physical distancing, visitor restrictions, consistent groupings, cleaning protocols, etc.

According to the current Office of Child Care guidelines, in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case of anyone entering the child care facility (staff, child, household members of both), “A program shall immediately contact the local public health authority and the Office of Child Care.” All staff, families and individuals who have been in the facility in the past 14 days will also be notified and “all children and staff in the stable cohort do not come to the program and are informed about the need to be quarantined at home for 14 days. If cases occur in multiple classes or enough staff are quarantined that care would be compromised, the entire facility may need to close for 14 days. Decisions about closure will be made in conjunction with Early Learning Division staff and the local public health authority.”

In the event that an adult or child has been exposed to someone with a presumptive or positive case of COVID-19, "the exposed person must quarantine for at least 14 days starting with the last time they had contact with the person with the COVID-19 case during the time they were infectious.The exposure to the presumptive or positive case of COVID-19 must have occurred in the 10 days after the person with the presumptive or positive case of COVID-19 started having symptoms.”

In the event that staff or children have COVID-19 symptoms within the last 10 ten days, “The individual must stay away from child care for 10 days after onset of symptoms and 24 hours after both fever and cough resolve, without the use of a fever reducing medication. If a child or staff member with symptoms of COVID-19 tests negative, they may return 24 hours after resolution of cough and fever without the use of fever-reducing medication. A person excluded from child care for COVID symptoms can return to child care with a note from a medical professional saying the person has a diagnosis other than COVID and is not contagious (e.g. ear infection; teething). Anyone who comes into child care with a household member with symptoms of COVID-19 that is not confirmed or presumptive must be carefully monitored for symptoms. The ill household member should be strongly encouraged to get tested.”


General Information

Face mask: LFS will require all students, staff and parents to wear a face mask. Families will need to provide 6 masks for their child. Please note that masks need to adhere to our school’s guidelines:

  • Child size mask

  • Ear loops

  • Nose clip

  • Comfortable but tight fit

If your child is not used to wearing a mask, we kindly ask you to start safely practicing putting on and taking off a mask and to give opportunities to your child to wear a mask at home for a few minutes every day. You may wish to watch this Masked Heros video with your child.

Face Shield:In addition to a face mask, each child should have one face shield that stays at LFS (it will be sterilized daily). The face shield will provide your child some protection when s/he needs a short break from their mask, will serve as extra protection (face mask + face shield) as needed, and allow for observation of speech as needed (ex, learning sounds).

Classrooms: Access to the classrooms is limited to students and staff only. We regret to inform you that parents will not be allowed to come into the classrooms to stay in compliance with the safety guidelines issued by the Office of Child Care.

Drop Off Procedure

  • Please do a daily home health check

  • Only one parent will be allowed into the courtyard at drop off and pick up.

  • Both parent and child are required to wear a mask at all times.

  • Enter through the North gate (Parking lot / LFS sign), exit through the South gate (opposite side under the breezeway).

  • A staff member will take both the child and parent’s temperatures and ask some questions.

  • Teachers will sign in the child on both the tablet and sign in form.

  • Child will take off his/her coat and hang it on a hook outside of the classroom.

  • Parent and child will proceed to the handwashing station closest to the child’s classroom and both parent and child are required to wash hands.

  • Parent will knock on the window to inform the teacher of the student’s readiness to enter the room and say goodbye to the child.

  • Parents should follow the instructions as communicated by the teachers (lunchbox, water bottle etc)

  • Teacher will welcome the student.

  • Parent will exit through the South gate.

Pick Up Procedure

  • A staff member will take the parent's temperature. Only one parent will be allowed into the courtyard.

  • Enter through the North gate (Parking lot / LFS sign), exit through the South gate (opposite side under the breezeway).

  • Parent will proceed to the handwashing station closest to the child’s classroom and wash hands

  • Parent will knock on the window to notify the teacher of his/her presence

  • Teacher will wash the student’s hands with hand sanitizer before exiting the classroom. We kindly ask you not to wash your child’s hands at pick up to speed up the pick up routine and to avoid having too many families waiting together in front of the classroom. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Teacher will bring the child outside of the classroom

  • Child will put on his/her coat and exit with the parent through the south gate.

  • Teacher will sign out the child on both tablet and paper sign out form.

Note: We kindly ask you to keep interactions with other families to a minimum during pick up and drop off. If parents want to chat, we kindly ask them to wait until they are outside the gates. Merci.

Recess Time - Procedure

Due to the separate cohorts, recess time for each group will be limited as follows:

  • Morning recess: 25 minutes

  • Afternoon recess: 15 min (unless child is napping)

Playground structures, benches and tricycles will be sanitized daily between cohorts.


This year more than ever, tuition will play a key role in the survival of our school. In an attempt to provide the safest and healthiest environment for our students, we decided to keep our group sizes small and invest in extra materials to keep children safe. That means that tuition will not cover our expenses. For this reason, we are requiring that parents commit to a one year enrollment contract. Monthly tuition will be due for the duration of the academic year.

If LFS transitions to exclusive school wide online Zoom learning for more than 1 month due to Covid-19 related government regulations, monthly tuition will be adjusted (to be determined by LFS board). Once it is safe to resume to in person learning, tuition will be readjusted to its original monthly amount.

Additional Covid-19 Fees

There will be an additional $50 COVID-19 monthly fee to help us with additional costs. Due to the Covid-19 sanitation protocols (added cleaning and sanitation cycles, air purifiers, handwashing stations, etc.) monthly expenses for LFS are going to increase.

LFS Cleaning Protocols

We are going to strictly follow all the cleaning guidelines from the Office of Child Care. We will clean, disinfect and sanitize the following items daily or after each use:

  • Classroom doors, handles/knobs, restrooms, flush handles, sinks, paper dispensers, soap dispensers, high touch surfaces, circle mats, nap mats, light switches, coat hangers

  • Chairs, tables/table guards, ALL USED TOYS and manipulatives

  • Toilet seat, flush handle, restroom door handle, sink, soap dispenser

  • Sign in/out tablet

  • Carpets will be vacuumed daily

Please note that the safety of students, staff and our families is our top priority at LFS. For that reason, the above internal safety guidelines and protocol will be subject to change to continue keeping everyone safe.

For questions and concerns, please contact us at: