Board Members

The Little French School is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization, and as such is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is a critical component of our school as it is legally responsible for fundraising, and strategic oversights of the school. The Board is also responsible for ensuring the school's financial stability and sustainability and has the duty to make sure the school is effectively operating to fulfill its mission and serve the community.

Our board is composed of current parents, alumni parents, and community members. We require at least one-year commitment to be on our board, however, board members can serve as long as they would like. We are grateful for your service!

If you care about early childhood education and French language, we would love to have you join our board. Please contact us

Joey Dion, Board Chair

Board President Joey Dion has two children enrolled at Little French School, one in the toddler class and one in the preschool class. 

He is a realtor and he and his wife own and operate a yoga center in downtown Eugene. Both are firm believers in the power of authentic community building. Joey studied Philosophy at the University of Oregon with a focus on ethics and pragmatism.

Steven Duncan, Board Vice Chair

I am a Real Estate Principal Broker and a current parent of a student enrolled in the toddler class at LFS. I bring with me a wealth of expertise in patience and outreach, which I believe are valuable traits in both my profession and as a parent.

I chose to enroll my child at LFS because of the school's excellent reputation for providing quality education with a focus on French immersion. I wasn't just looking for a daycare but a place that could provide a nurturing environment for my child's growth and development.

Having experienced firsthand the benefits of an LFS education, I decided to join the board to stay informed and contribute to the school's inner workings whenever possible.

Originally from Eugene, I have a passion for giving back to my community and making a positive impact wherever I can. With my expertise and dedication, I hope to be a valuable asset to LFS and the wider community.

John Allcott, Chair Fundraising Committee

John Allcott MD got interested in our Little French School by the wonderful happen stance of meeting Assa Sylla Traore coming out of a Tracktown Oregon Sunday morning workout session in 2015. Et voila!   He has stepped up to help out with the LFS coming out of his rusty French Connection with …fading  French from high school and college at Yale,’67. He studied  medicine  at UNC  Chapel Hill as a foundation for his full time occupation  as an internal medicine physician in  Eugene  since  1978 ….and counting. Tiens!

He is confident that wife Beth and his commitment to education with students  from Indonesia, to Singapore and Hong Kong,  and  China,  to Eswatini( Swaziland,) Mali, and Kenya , to Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica, and ranging from Kindergarten to Ph D,  and so there must be several Francophiles scattered about.  John particularly helps with raising both friends and funds for the LFS. Formidable!

I have been a supporter of the school and its  Director for 7 years I am committed to continuing to offer early life, multicultural, ideas and influences that broaden are developing children’s understanding , cooperation and enthusiastic support of the interdependence among different people Including languages and culture.

I want to support the work … and play ! for this possibility and our shared future

Lauren Masak, Board Secretary

My name is Lauren Masak and I currently have two children at The Little French School one in the toddler class and one in the PreK class. I currently work as a receptionist. On the board, I am serving as the secretary and am enjoying bringing my organizational skills to the team. I decided to join the board at the beginning of the school year because I wanted to get more informed and involved with the running of the school.

Adam Unger, Treasurer

Currently a Research administrator at the University of Oregon, as well as a parent of a student in the preschool class (and future, fall 2023 toddler class student).

I have extensive experience in sponsored project administration including budgeting, post-award accounting and compliance. These skills translate well to my service as board treasurer.

I am a native French speaker (famille Québécois du cote de ma mere), and learning French is an important value in our family. In addition, we felt teachers at LFS were among the most dedicated early childhood educators in our community, and the LFS's program would prepare our kids for kindergarten in ways other schools could not.

I joined the LFS board in Fall 2022, when our oldest son started preschool. I joined because I wanted to be involved in the school in ways my job would allow. I work during the day and am unable to do drop off/pickup or otherwise volunteer. Serving on the board is an opportunity for me to engage with the school, stay connected to the director, teachers, and other parents, while lending my professional expertise to an organization I am passionate about.

Originally from Dallas, Texas (might as well be another country). Perhaps the only French speaking Jewish person from Texas in Eugene. (Feel free to take or leave this part for the grant proposal)

Corinne Bayerl, Member 

Currently a University teacher (I teach literature at the University of Oregon Clark Honors College) and parent of a former student in the LFS Preschool class. My daughter attended LFS 6 years ago, in 2016-17.

I bring Two decades of teaching experience, including French as a second language; bilingual upbringing; familiarity with LFS over several years; familiarity with many families whose kids attended LFS in the past decade

I joined the LFS board for one year in 2017-2018, and then again in Fall 2022. I strongly believe in early childhood language acquisition, and I think that the teaching personnel at LFS is without par in Eugene, in all aspects of early childhood education.

I grew up both in Germany and France and have lived in the United States for over 20 years.

Regina Mitchell, Member 

I am currently a 6th grade teacher, at ATA in Eugene 4J and have a student in the Pre-K class, Ada.

I have served on another childcare board for 3 year during Covid times, had to serve many roles to help the director and executive board members to keep the center afloat, was a union president in the Blachly School District as a teacher, did contract negotiations and very aware of teacher salaries and contracts, Masters in Teaching/Education, current K-12 teacher, interest in educational policy, currently in a coalition to bring subsidized childcare to the Eugene 4J School District

Because I had taken French in high school, and was waiting for Ada to become pottery-trained before I could enroll her (didn't realize the toddler classroom had been opened), and had heard of the academic rigor of LFS. Lived abroad for years in South Korea and Poland, and understood the importance of dual immersion and 2nd language acquisition.

I had a wealth of experience in the Eugene CDC, and realized quickly/during the pandemic, that there was no CDC making profits and realized that it takes volunteers to keep early childhood education centers afloat, which is ridiculous. They should be able to make money without parents paying $1600/month.