Kiara Varga, Alumni LFS Student from 2004

“I loved my time at the Little French School. When we moved here from Europe, this was the first place where I felt at home. They embraced us wholeheartedly. Funnily enough, not only did I begin to learn French here, but it’s also where I learned English! The education here is top notch, and they truly care about your children. I still volunteer with them every once in a while, and many of the teachers are still there from when I went to their school, 16 years ago. It’s the first step into the close-knit and supportive community of the Eugene French Immersion Program. I was so lucky to have gotten to be a part of this long standing Eugenian institution.”

Maria, Parent

“This School was the first place I felt at home after moving to the US from Europe! I had been in a French Immersion School in Germany, and it made me feel accepted right away, despite my language barrier at a young age. Not only did I learn French there (and through the rest of the Immersion Program) but I also learned English there! Two for one! The teachers were amazing, and many of the same ones are still there. They put an exceptional amount of care into the education they provide to each individual child.” 

Student Attended LFS: 2018- 2019

Enissa, Parent

“We are loving LFS!”

Student Attended LFS: 2019-2020

Adam, Parent

"We were at another school for two years and decided to switch to LFS. After two years here, we couldn't be happier with the staff and other students. We feel lucky to have found it and it seems to be one of the hidden gems in Eugene."

Student Attended LFS: 2017-2020


"LFS is a wonderful place to learn and grow. My child is thriving and loves his teacher and classmates and can't wait to go to school everyday. I am so thankful for the excellent teachers who consistently go the extra mile for our child.”

Student Attended LFS: 2010-2011

Lindsey, Parent

"Your preschool is truly an excellent, high-quality school. We're so thankful she had this opportunity."

Student Attended LFS: 2017-2018

Cynthia, Parent

“We credit the LFS with giving our now 8th grade student a solid foundation to build his education upon. He started learning a second language in this nurturing creative caring environment at the LFS and continues to speak fluent French now that he's heading into high school. The fun yet rigorous 3 year program gave him a global window to many French speaking countries. After school and summer programs meant the fun and learning could continue all year!”

Sonja, Parent

"Our daughter is completing her second year at Little French School. The caring environment and small school size have allowed her to blossom. The curriculum is academically stimulating (by the end of the year kids are sooo ready for Kindergarten) but not at the expense of creativity and fun. They do yoga, bake, perform plays and songs, and they go on all kinds of great field trips. Daily craft and art projects. Outdoor play every day. Oh, and did I mention that they learn French? Beyond the many cognitive and social benefits of learning a foreign language (which will last a lifetime), it's also a great head start for Charlemagne!"

Student Attended LFS: 2017-2020

Christine, Parent

"Wonderful school! My two 17-year-old kids started their French immersion education here many years ago. Their preschool teacher still teaches there! It was and still is a nurturing learning environment for the children with a lot of individual attention from well-qualified teachers. Best preschool in town!"

Annie, Parent

"We found this gem of a school when my daughter was in preschool. My shy, very verbal precocious kid found the staff warm and supportive. We adored hearing her emerging French. She was ready for Charlemagne in Kindergarten and knew that she loved French. She continued to attend the annual school fair for years after we left and she loved seeing the amazing teachers and then helping when she could."

Student Attended LFS 2016-2017

Michelle, Parent

"We loved the Little French School. Both our boys went there and it was a wonderful beginning to elementary education. Whether your kids will be studying French later or not, this is a wonderful place to start your child's  education. The teachers are the best and extended care makes it even more accessible to working parents."

Student Attended LFS: 2017-2018

Kristena, Parent

"This school is beyond amazing on so many levels.  My son thrived there. He didn't enjoy school until we found this school.  Somehow they tapped into his inner learning and have really prepared him for elementary school.  I wish we knew about it earlier so we couldn't enroll him sooner! Hands down, a great school."

Student Attended LFS: 2018-2019

Nathalie, Parent

"This is a TOP RATE pre-school in all areas, with the extraordinary added benefit of French language immersion. My two daughters attended this school and thrived with caring, supportive teachers, small classrooms, and an excellent curriculum. Just wait until you hear your little one speak or sing in French to you!"

Barbara, Parent

"Wonderful preschool, caring and loving staff. Great academics combined with a lot of fun for the children. My children still have very fond memories of The Little French School."

Student Attended LFS: 2004

Kassy, Parent

"Our child spent two years at The Little French School (LFS), and loved it! The teachers are caring and patient. The program provided our child with a great balance of age-appropriate academic preparation, an awareness of other cultures and languages, and a calm, safe environment in which to explore and play.  This program is not just for those with preexisting French language or cultural ties or for those aiming at French immersion elementary school. Our child did not go on to study French, but we wouldn't trade the experience at LFS for anything!"

Student Attended LFS: 2015-2017

Colt, Parent

"Incredible and dedicated teachers providing fantastic French immersion education to our son.  The best school and teachers I've seen!"

Student Attended LFS: 2017 -2020, 2021 - current

Dustin, Parent

"My son has assisted LFS for 2 years and we are thrilled he'll get a 3rd year there before starting public school. The teachers and staff create a caring environment where kids play, grow, and explore, all while incorporating fun curriculum and learning another language. It's the only bilingual pre-school in the area that is truly an immersion program. I also really appreciate that he is surrounded by loving teachers with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Not to mention it has a 1:5 teacher student ratio. The Little French School is a place I feel 100% confident he is getting the best pre-school experience possible. I highly recommend you take a tour."

Student Attended LFS: 2017 -2020, 2021 - current

Larissa, Parent

"High quality preschool, excellent staff, my son loved his time at Little French School and was well prepared to enter Kindergarten."

Lara, Parent

"Our kiddo LOVES The Little French School, and so do we! Not only is it just excellent childcare, with thoughtful teachers using best practices, but he's also getting a second language. He comes home singing in French every day, asks in French to be excused from the table, and we know he's ready for adventure when he says, "un, deux, trois et on y va!" The convenient scheduling options for pickup times are also great: 12:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 5:30 - or you can pay for after care on individual days if you have a blip in your schedule. That has been amazing for us! We get the care we need on the days we need without having to pay for full days every day."

Student Attended LFS: 2018 - 2020

Marcus, Parent

"Our son was raised bilingual Chinese and English. When he came to the Little French School at 4 years old he was nervous about another language. After a few weeks he was showing me the French he learned at school and in a few months was now excited to learn more languages, like Spanish and Japanese. What's even more impressive, he's developing literacy skills and starting on arithmetic. Great curriculum and dedicated teachers, not just daycare."

Student Attended LFS: 2019-2022